Customer Vision - a complete Customer Retention Managment (CRM) system.

Your customers are your most valuable asset.

Keep an eye on them.
Making your customers feel 'looked after' can be a difficult goal to achieve.

We have all had the experience of being put on hold for the 'next available agent' - only to find that the agent who finally does answer is incapalbe of handling our issue - and so we're put on hold once again while they transfer us into yet another queue.

Or how about the experience of calling a company about some special offer we received, only to find that the agent is not familiar with the offer, and needs to put us on hold again while they 'research' the issue.

Customer Vision solves these problems by allowing your customers to focus the customer service call directly to the point. Harnessing the power of today's most sophisticated internet technologies on the customer's end, and advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques in your customer call centers, Vision establishes a clear line of communication between the customer and your customer service agents.

The customer initiates a call either by using a browser on a desktop PC, a wireless PDA, or a 3G cel phone, and using Vision's innovative data entry mechanisms, is able to fully specify the nature of the problem. The choices selected by the customer are used to deliver the service request directly to the customer service group most likely to be in a position to help. Once the appropriate customer care specialist has researched the issue, Vision provides him or her with a variety of mechanisms to report their findings back to the customer - resulting in significantly lower call-handling time for you and no wasted 'hold-time' for the customer.

Your customers will appreciate the hassle-free service they've just received, and will carry with them the feeling that their relationship with you is strong and efficient.