Timesheets - timesheets, vacations, sick leave and more.

Punch a timesheet,
not your computer.
During times of acquisitions and consolidations, many companies find they have different employee populations with different rules concerning all aspects of time reporting, vacation and sick leave. These differences can be difficult to change due to union contracts or other factors, and you can't afford to ignore them.

Timesheets delivers a one-two punch to the headaches of running the payroll of multiple business centers - even if those centers all run different payroll software.

Timesheets presents a unified user interface that can be taught company wide, and can funnel that data through interfaces to each business unit's legacy payroll software. If the legacy software provides an API, special rules and conditions can be looked up for each individual employee, or those rules can be custom coded directly into Timesheets.

To simplify training, each business unit can continue to utilize the time codes which were defined by their existing system, and Timesheets will automatically ensure that the data is entered correctly, timely and completely.