Resourceful - a global human resources solution.

HR systems are expensive.
Why is that?
Resourceful is a highly competitive solution: a full featured tool for managing a global human resources population - at a fraction of the cost of a PeopleSoft or HR Access implementation.

Demographic Basic demographic data can be entered manually, via step-by-step on-screen wizards, or automatically from data which already exists in 3rd party payroll systems. Demographic Data includes academic coursework, spouse & dependents data, emergency contacts and an inventory of foreign languages spoken.
Employment Employment information extends beyond current job to include the employee's entire work history both within the company and a resume of prior work experience.
Compensation Performance data is summarized in concise, quick overviews which highlight the results of the employee's performance reviews.
HR Planning Employee career path management is facilitated by a planning module which helps HR personnel groom employee's for their next desired job by utilizing a dynamic skills inventory and personnel development plan.

During times of acquisitions and consolidations, many companies find they have different employee populations being managed by different HR and Payroll systesm, each with different rules concerning all aspects of HR management. These differences can be difficult to change due to union contracts or other factors, and you can't afford to ignore them.

Resourceful includes a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Engine which is used to import data from 3rd party payroll systems - including those in use by individual business units. With Resourceful, it is possible to have one centralized HR system that derives ALL of its employee data from these legacy systems.