theEqualizer - physical / fiscal asset managment.

outsourcing options
isn't a shell game.

It's a piece of cake.
theEqualizer is a software tool built out of the best practices and knowledge of the outsourcing industry to help you save money.

Through the process of implementing theEqualizer, you will gain a fully auditable inventory of every asset in your organization - and you will be able to project the outcome of a variety of 'what-if' cost saving scenarios.

Utilizing advanced object-oriented techniques, theEqualizer is an artificial intelligence expert system which has been designed to and provides for:

Infrastructure Management: theEqualizer provides for managing every facet of your organization's financial infrastructure. theEqualizer enables both the provider and seeker of outsourcing services to precisely evaluate, plan for, and manage a data processing infrastructure.
  • Tracks all hardware, software, personnel and lease related costs of an enterprise, and provides efficient mechanisms for their ongoing maintenance.
  • Provides the ability to establish artificial intelligence relationships amongst all components within an enterprise - enabling managers and contract negotiators to formulate sophisticated 'what-if' outsourcing scenarios with minimum effort, and ensuring that every detail is brought forward and is made a part of the decision.
  • Maintains extensive employee / department lists to ensure that all physical assets held within the company are issued to the appropriate individuals.

  • Data Processing Cost Reduction: Item identification includes the obvious 'description', 'manufacturer', and 'serial number' data elements, but it also includes a number of more financially interesting fields - such as planned 'Obsolescence date', 'Installation Costs' and 'Warranty' information.
  • Flexible Ad-hoc reporting facilities enable analysts to identify and eliminate any inefficiencies or redundancies, and exploit any untapped economies of scale.
  • Executive-level information manipulation tools allow analysts to investigate a wide variety of vendor and technology management strategies.
  • Reporting options enable cash flow, net present value and marginal cost analyses.

  • Ongoing Cost Control: Financial projections can be automatically generated using a built-in spreadsheet tool. Projections can be estimated based upon historical data or upon trend analysis, and then later compared to the actual amounts in order to analyze forecasting accuracies.
  • Generates a zero-based budget for all assets and expenses. Data can be organized along any user-defined structure: by department, company and/or by enterprise.
  • Monitors monthly costs on an item-by-item level.
  • Presents monthly costs in as much detail as is needed for any type of investigation. Reports can be summarized by asset type or category, by department, by company or by enterprise.
  • Provides for monthly automatic cost controls by allowing vendors to provide data on all line item assets within a company, and automatically performs variance analyses.

  • Benefits to using theEqualizer:

  • An accurate and verified zero-based budget - as opposed to estimated budgets created on a percentage-of-last-year's-budget basis - ensuring that ALL costs are accounted for.
  • Detailed reports identifying and exposing extraneous expenditures.
  • An on-going asset management system and decision support system.
  • Line-item based vendor management enabling the client to negotiate new contracts based upon economies of scale.
  • Highly graphical user interface allows the entering and maintaining of data by lower-cost entry-level personnel.
  • Roll-up reports and what-if scenarios give Corporate Executives high-level views of all detail necessary to actively participate in the creation of financial / vendor / outsourcing strategies.