Call Center Orders - reduce your call handling time.

Time is money.

Save both.
Legacy order processing systems can be cumbersome and slow.

Every second your customer is held on the phone while your customer service representatives navigate through cryptic data entry screens costs you money.

Call Center Orders is a tremendously flexible system which allows you to define data entry screens which are directly targeted and appropriate to your business needs today, and feeds that data behind the scenes to your legacy and mainframe systems of yesterday.

Orders is a suite of software tools which we can use to quickly create custom solutions for your current business needs. The only requirement on your customer service rep's desktop is a browser capable of running a Java applet (Netscape 3 or greater, Internet Explorer 3 or greater, etc.). With that minimum requirement met, we can craft a high-speed data entry solution which will keep your call handling time to a minimum, and your profits to a maximum.